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1xRUN Presents "TIME" Group Art Exhibition Prints

If you missed the "TIME" group art show at Wallplay Gallery last week (October 22), 1xRUN, in association with the Millennial Group and curator Greg Cummins, are giving art heads a chance to get their hands on the amazing artwork that was on display. Pieces from the “TIME” installation, including works from Naturel, Jay West, David Barnett, Christophe Roberts, M. Tony Peralta, Fil Fury, Bradley Theodore and Brian Kirhagis, are now available on 1xRUN.com as prints in a shoppable "virtual exhibition." Each edition will be set to the number sold and will be closed forever once they are done.

Check out the pieces from the previously mentioned artists in the above gallrey, and go pick up your own prints — which will only be available for the next 8 days! — by clicking here.

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