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The 20 Most Memorable Catchphrases From Movies and Television

Some movies are so iconic that you can quote them word for word. The same applies to televisions shows with multiple seasons of hilarious quips and one-liners. Certain taglines become so memorable that they’re forever linked to the show or movie they came from, leading to the birth of a pop culture catchphrase. For us, we’re already trying to imagine how many times they’ll use that “May the Force be with you” line in the upcoming installments of the Star Wars series. Grab your popcorn or the remote control, and reminisce on a few of these classic slogans that extended way beyond their origins. If "D'oh!," "Dynomite!," or "Did I do that?" ring any bells, we’ve got a few more that will really have your cinematic nostalgia on overdrive. Just try not to spend too much time working on your best Steve Urkel snort.

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