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20 of the Most Classic Skate Photos of All Time

This wasn’t an easy list to compile. Since the beginning of skateboarding, magazines chronicled skating’s progression from the invention of the frontside rock and roll to the latest tech-gnar handrail wizardry.

So if the catalogue of photos to choose from isn’t endless, it’s at least vast. Some shots, of course, are filler—nice images that fade from memory once the page is turned. Others are more enduring, be it because of the trick, the skater, the sheer quality of the shot itself, or most likely, some combination thereof.

But it’s still difficult to call a skate photo timeless. If anything, the best shots are markers of specific eras. That’s why we return to them and cite them as examples of the way things were or the way things changed. They’re nostalgic and forward-looking at the same time. They’re the images that help define some aspect of skateboarding. These are 20 of the most classic skate photos of all time.

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