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20 Skateboarders Under 20 You Need To Know About

It happens every few years. A new generation of skaters, many of them still in their teens, changes everything. Back in the day, guys like Mike Carroll, Daewon Song, and Guy Mariano blew up when they were still in high school, and before them, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero and others turned pro before they could vote. Today, another crop of kids is on the come up. Some, like Elijah Berle and Curren Caples, are already well known. Others are still slightly more obscure, although no less important. After watching a ton of recent videos and noticing all the new faces, we thought we would take stock of the riders we’ll be seeing for a long time to come. These are 20 skaters under 20 years old that you need to know about today.

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