$25,000 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star by Nate Lowman

Luxury fashion retailer Just One Eye has orchestrated a collaboration between artist Nate Lowman and Converse to create the Chuck Taylor All Star from one of the artist’s paintings. Each shoe in this 21-pair limited edition run was hand-cut by Lowman and hand-sewn by a Los Angeles-based craftsman onto an original rubber 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star sole. Lowman’s canvas for the sneaker was painted will latex, acrylic, and high-gloss alkyd on an un-primed canvas. These lavish shoes are also lined with unfinished Italian calf leather, which is stamped with Just One Eye’s logo and signed by Nate Lowman. If you’re balling, you can take a closer look at the collab in our gallery and head over to Just One Eye’s web store, where the sneakers are being sold exclusively, to cop a pair for $25,000.

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