Get Ready for the Latest in Technology: 3D and Holographic Selfies

From Tupac’s epic rise from the dead at Coachella to the much anticipated Oculus Rift, 3D technology is in full swing and the companies that are bringing it to the mainstream have come up with clever way of making sure everyone is going to want to get their hands on it: 3D selfies.

Tech companies and app developers are scrambling to be the best at turning your most flattering pictures into 3D images, holograms, and more. For example, Moju is an app that uses up to 24 shots to create an image that seemingly pops out of your screen and appears 3D as you twist your phone. It’s based on lenticular printing, a way of creating images that give the appearance of depth and have the ability to change or move when in motion. Usually lenticular images are printed onto plastic cards, but the developer of Moju, Mok Oh, harnessed the technology to replicate this form of printing on smart phones, giving app users the ability to turn themselves into holograms.

Sketchfab is another company making it easy to create 3D files by allowing users to use a simplified version of CAD technology. According to their website, “Sketchfab integrates with all major 3D creation tools, supports 28 native 3D formats, and displays them in browser in real-time.”

What sets them apart from other sites that display 3D images is the software allows users to pan, zoom, and rotate the models. They’ve also got a leg up on their competition because the Sketchfab 3D viewer can be embedded on any web page, making it easy to put your 3D selfies on display.

3D printing company 3DUSelf  is also fully embracing selfie culture; they will create an exact replica of you in the form of a small statue using a body scanner and high quality 3D printer, which essentially means you can turn yourself into an action figure if you wear the right outfit.They’re hoping to expand into malls all over the country which would make it easy and convenient for you to create a mini-me of your very own.

Speaking of mini-me’s, brace yourself: tech company Pioneer has started giving parents-to-be the power to take their baby’s first 3D holographic selfie. Their technology is unique because they can produce holographic photos from a computer generated model instead of an actual object, making it possible to capture the 3D images of babies before they’re born.

“This method works by shining light containing information about the object from one side of the recording material, and reference light from the other side, and recording the state of interference between the two light sources in the material,” Pioneer’s Yoshinao Ito told DigInfo. The hologram is then created after the recordings have been arranged.

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