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50 Skates: A Nationwide List of Every State's Best Skate Shop

Even though shopping online makes it almost way too easy, nothing can replace the role of the brick and mortar skate shop in the skateboarding ecosystem. The shops are the ones organizing and advocating for skateparks, they put on contests and bring pros to town for demos and signings, and without skate shops building relationships between the brands and the local talent, your homie probably wouldn’t be getting flowed right now. They are a meetup spot for everyone and a teaching institution for the young ones exploring skateboarding for the first time.

These sacred institutions deserve to be celebrated and supported. Some states boast many quality skate shops; others are lucky to have even one shop looking out for the skate scene. In any case, each state has at least one shop doing it right, so read on and pay these shops a visit next time you’re in town.

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