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When we’re talking technological innovation in terms of basketball, we usually think sneakers and their updated fabrics and functionality. But, the ShotTracker, which was introduced a few years ago, is an entirely different kind of technological innovation. It’s a wearable device that actually measures your shooting proficiencies at different areas on the court.

There are three components to the ShotTracker: the wrist sensor, which can be fastened to a wrist or arm band, tracks when you shoot; the net sensor clips onto the net and reads when a ball goes through net (like how an arcade pop-a-shot keeps track of your points); and finally, there’s an app downloadable on your smartphone that reads the information picked up by the net and provides real-time stats and shot charts.

Using the ShotTracker is a fantastic way to see where you dominate and struggle on the court. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is crucial since it’ll allow you say, “Wow, I’m great at that corner three,” or “Okay, I really need to work on that right elbow jumper.” The ShotTracker is a great improvement tool.

Image: ShotTracker

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