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Meet Ontask, Oakland’s Gritty Art Collective

Mon, 01.26.15 at 2:27pm

In a small bedroom in West Oakland, a group of young artists congregate, repping what they dub the “grittier side of life and art.”


The World’s Largest Graffiti Had to be Photographed from Space

Mon, 01.26.15 at 1:38pm

UK artist INSA just created the world's largest graffiti, so large that it had to be photographed from space.

NYC Sound

10 Ways New York Hip-hop Artists Changed the Rap Game

Mon, 01.26.15 at 11:41am

Without New York hip-hop artists from the ’60s and ’70s, rap as we know it today would be vastly different.


Benefit Releases a Sick Track, Literally

Sun, 01.25.15 at 6:04pm

Florida-based hip-hop artist Benefit turned his long running ailment into a rap song with his latest release, “Been Sick.”


Yung Jake Makes Emoji Portraits of Your Favorite Rappers

Sun, 01.25.15 at 4:46pm

As a rapper, graphic designer, app creator, and creator of an interactive music video experience called, Yung Jake is no novice to the digital age.


+FRESH.i.AM+ DIVE Collection for Spring 2015

Sun, 01.25.15 at 1:22pm

Atlanta-based label +FRESH.i.AM+ just revealed the DIVE Collection, a mix of tees, headwear, sweat shorts, and a military-inspired harness for Spring 2015.


“They’re Not Like Us” Takes Teenage Superpowers Very Dark

Sun, 01.25.15 at 11:58am

"They’re Not Like Us" takes a very dark twist on the teenage's with superpowers trope.

Silo Skate Shop

The Spot: How Silo Skate Shop in Grand Island, Nebraska, Came to Be More Than a Skate Shop

Sat, 01.24.15 at 12:11pm

When Brant Van Boening’s boss at the skate shop got married, he borrowed money from his parents and bought the business. He was 14.


#NextLevelLookDown: The High-Up Photography of @Jayscale

Fri, 01.23.15 at 2:05pm

Jayscale is the photographer behind #nextlevellookdown, in which participants dangle their limbs and fresh sneakers off skyscrapers to get the perfect shot.


Never Plug in Again With This Juse Solar Powered Phone Charging Case

Fri, 01.23.15 at 1:02pm

This Juse solar powered phone charger will give your cell immortal battery life.


Family Design Co. Talks Yeezus Tour Sets and New York’s Next Summer Spot

Fri, 01.23.15 at 10:18am

Family Design Co. made mountains move for Kanye's Yeezus tour and now they're working on a floating pool to bring to Brooklyn’s East River.

Action Art Skate

Mountain Dew Features 2015 Rider Team in New Skate & Create Video, “Switch Perspectives”

Thu, 01.22.15 at 4:04pm

Peep Mountain Dew’s new TransWORLD Skate & Create video, "Switch Perspectives".


Is This A Kendrick Lamar Album Release Date?

Thu, 01.22.15 at 1:54pm

According to a leaked image that surfaced yesterday via Section Eighty the wait for the Compton rapper's next album may be over.

Vintage Basketball finds from Mr. Throwback

Digging Through the Greats: Mr. Throwback’s Sweetest Vintage Basketball Finds

Thu, 01.22.15 at 10:36am

Mr. Throwback has been a basketball fan his whole life. He's now acquired one of the best collections of vintage ball gear in the game.


Arkiv Vilmansa Is Like the KAWS of Indonesia

Thu, 01.22.15 at 9:30am

Just peeped on Instagram, a Singaporean exhibition at Element Art Space for Indonesian artist Arkiv Vilmansa. The man behind "Mikav".