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A Breakdown of The Most Important Style Eras in Music

If someone told you to pick your favorite era of music, there’s a good chance the style of that time period would play a huge part in the decision process. Not to say that the clothes make the musician, but how memorable would the 1990s be without the visual of baggy jeans and grunge? That was only one of the many stylish time periods when fashion was just as important as certified Billboard Hot 100 bangers.

We prepared a cool little time capsule for you guys to get a better understanding of the most important style eras in music. You may not remember the jazz style of the 1920s, or the free love hippie style of the 1960s — mainly due to a lack of being born — but you’re actually living through a current era of music-inspired fashion right now. We’ve got two words for you: skinny jeans.

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