A Fully-Functioning Star Wars X-Wing Exists

When the first Star Wars film was released, in 1977, Star Wars replica ships flew off toy store shelves throughout the country. My step-father still has his–a Millennium Falcon and Tie Fighter–in his parents’ basement. Some childhood things you just can’t let go of.

Oliver C, a YouTuber and Star Wars enthusiast, has been building fully-functional replicas of the aforementioned Star Wars ships, and since January, 2015 he’s posted videos after successfully assembling a Millennium Falcon, an Imperial Star Destroyer, and several other impressive working replicas.

His latest work is the iconic X-Wing Fighter, probably the coolest of all the Star Wars replica ships (especially considering Luke Skywalker used it to destroy the original Death Star). Like with his other creations, Oliver C. has provided a material list and set of instructions along with the YouTube video. Although these ships are not for sale, feel free to try and make one yourself, guys.

We’re sure he gets requests all the time, but I’d love to see Anakin Skywalker’s Podracer maneuvering through the streets of Brooklyn one day.


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