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A Look At Kendrick Lamar, The Style Icon

When looking at the new state of hip-hop—particularly, the leaders of the pack—ill mic skills are the main priority. However, style can be just as important—if not equally.
In a time when A$AP Rocky’s latest L'uomo Vogue spread garners more attention than his next music single, it’s pretty clear that the fashion scene—both high-end and streetwear— is infusing itself into the rap game like never before. While the contenders for “Best Dressed” in the metaphorical hip-hop yearbook are arriving in droves, one dude is eyeing the throne from both a lyrical and style-driven perspective: Kendrick Lamar.
Pay attention as we break down The Good Kid’s venture into fashion, with a brief analysis of his overall style, how he puts his pieces together, and how staying true to your style without compromising your rap persona has benefited him.

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