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A Look At Ryan Shecklers 15 Years With Etnies

Few skaters have a shelf life of 15 years. Even rarer are those who, throughout that kind of stretch, stick with one sponsor. But such is the case for Ryan Sheckler, who this year marks a decade and a half with Etnies, the shoe brand that put him on before he even turned 10.

The thing is, Ryan is only 23. In his time on Etnies, he’s gone from the grommet whose helmet concealed his bowl cut as he kickflip indied across kickers and quarterpipes to the kid who skated to the Cure in the first Almost video to, now, the guy who’s filming for the Plan B video, one of the most heavily anticipated full-length releases this year. He’s weathered criticism about his age, his competitive mindset and his exposure outside of the insular skate world. But his milestones, from his contest wins to his shoe releases, have been many.


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