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A Look at The Evolution of the Skate Shoe

Shoes are a big part of skateboarding. Ask any skater about his setup, and after he’s listed his board, trucks, wheels, bearings, and if he’s really about the skate-nerd life, griptape, he’ll likely tell you about his footwear of choice.

Over the years, though, that footwear has changed. As skating has evolved, so have the shoes we wear while we do it. We’ve gone from minimalist designs with the grippiest of soles to athletic shoe-inspired models with air bubbles, Velcro straps, and secret pockets. Along the way, we’ve seen the introduction of signature shoes, limited-run colorways, collaborations, and more. Of course, we’ve watched dozens of brands materialize and vanish, only for new names to replace them.

While it would probably take months to catalog every important pair of skate shoes, tracing their history from the ‘60s onward was a task we figured we were up to. This is the evolution of what may be the most important piece of gear we all wear.

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