adidas Go Is the Perfect Workout Partner

It’s crucial to listen to the right music while working out. No one wants to hear something too slow when they’re sprinting up a steep hill or head-banging metal when they’re on a light jog. It’s about pacing. I want my music to know when it’s time to go zero-to-100 and know when it’s cool to play a little Taylor Swift. Thankfully, adidas has made that possible with their new app, adidas Go.

adidas Go matches music from Spotify to your workout pace, calculating your step count in real time and then delivering the perfect song. All you have to do is connect the app to your Spotify account, and it will choose appropriate tracks throughout the workout. What makes the application so unique, though, is that it’s able to give you songs that you may have never heard based off of your musical preferences. Now your gym time can also be used to discover new artists.

adidas Go allows you to replay your run and see exactly where you were when that fire jam came on (you can save the songs from Spotify through the app). It lets you share the run on social media with a personal infographic, and it works with a Spotify free account and/or your local music library.

There are some technical issues with the adidas Go (it shuts down occasionally and it rapidly decreases your battery life), but overall, the reviews are positive. Regardless, it’s a free download. There’s no reason not to give it a whirl. It definitely won’t put Metallica on during a 6 a.m. jog.

Photo: iTunes


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