Adidas Made A Sneaker From Reclaimed Ocean Trash

How would you feel if someone told you your adidas are straight trash? With time, that may be a reality.

Through a recent partnership with Parley for Oceans, adidas created these prototype sneakers out of recycled ocean waste.

The sneaker’s upper is made entirely of yarns and filaments reclaimed from illegal deep-sea gillnets that poachers threw out off the coast of West Africa, while the base is made from sustainable cushioning material. It's similar to the work already begun by adidas collaborator and largely forward-thinker Pharrell, with his G-Star “Raw for the Oceans” (also a Parley for the Oceans venture) efforts.

While there’s no plan to for the shoe to go into production anytime soon (confirmed by an adidas rep), adidas does plan on incorporated recycled plastic into its shoes starting next year, which if everyone else follows suit, will help greatly reduce the amount of ocean and land waste.

Images: adidas/Parley

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