adidas Skateboarding Design Director, Jesse Rademacher, Explains Why a Boost Technology Skate Shoe Was Much-needed

After a successful release of the Yeezy 750 Boost, adidas has put forth another shoe that utilizes Boost technology—this time snatching the attention of their skateboarding market.

While this innovative construction is already seen in adidas’s Running and Basketball lines, this was the first time the brand’s skateboarding category was given the Boost treatment.

Dubbed the ADV Boost, the sneaker was designed to withstand long skate sessions. It comes padded with under-sole cushioning, an outsole lined with skate-friendly Vector Traction, and impact-absorbing compression rebound.

Adidas designers broke from traditional methods on the design, as the ADV Boost takes on a totally different production process than most skate shoes.

We caught up with Jesse Rademacher, the Design Director of Footwear for adidas Skateboarding, to talk about what makes the ADV Boost such a landmark release for the pioneering mega-brand.

1. Why was there a need for a skate shoe with Boost technology?

Boost (TM) is one of those transformational leaps that only comes around once in a while. It’s a wonder material that’s better when experienced than talked about. It just feels right. Boost isn’t a tweak of EVA foam; it’s manufactured completely differently and that allows it to have unrivaled properties. The tiny pellets store and release energy, making the shoe very lively under your foot. Boost won’t pack out over time because of this structure.

Knowing all this, how could we NOT use it in a skate shoe? That’s why it’s so exciting to share this material with a sport that needs it more than any other. Sorry runners… truth. Since it’s a proprietary material to adidas, we had an obligation to skaters. They can’t get it anywhere else.

2. How long did it take to develop this technology? Was there a lot of trial and error?

Boost the technology had already been developed and used in a couple of other categories such as Running and Basketball. That took multiple years. I was fortunate enough to work on the Energy Boost snowboard boot that dropped a couple months ago.  This was ahead of the ADV Boost skate shoe, so the team was already familiar with the technology.

The real challenge was to define what Boost means to skateboarding. Every sport has different requirements, so nobody had used Boost in our way. That’s where we spent the most time. Figuring out what was too much Boost, too little, where to place it, how to protect it against abrasion, all while allowing the material to do its thing and keep amazing board feel. We made a bunch of test samples and skated the hell out of them to validate concepts. Skater feedback led us to the final solution. Skateboarding designed the shoe more than any single individual.

3. How does this model compare to other adidas Skateboarding shoes?

The ADV Boost is by far the most advanced shoe adidas Skateboarding has put out. The focus is absolutely on Boost, but that doesn’t mean we compromised on other parts of the shoe. Actually, it’s exactly the opposite. The entire shoe is purpose-driven.There is no exposed stitching to blow out! We backed the upper suede with SprintSkin (TM) to make it lightweight, eliminate layers, but [keep it] really strong and durable. The outsole has Vector Traction, which is a directional tread segmented into different areas for skateboarding needs like push, setup, and braking. The techfit (TM) bootie construction is engineered mesh that allows for stretch in certain areas with breathability in others. There are things that you will discover about the shoe through skating it hard. The laces are recessed to prolong life, but if they blow out you are still covered with the techfit. You could actually skate these without laces, as a slip-on. This shoe takes full advantage of the amazing technology adidas has to offer.

4. Can we expect more colorways of the sneaker to be released?

Look for even more special kicks to come in the future. There is definitely some heat on the way. Boost is too good to hold back. The world needs more of it!

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