Aerosyn Lex “Codices” At SCOPE

After debuting an 150-foot long painting in Miami last year, Aerosyn Lex Mestrovic returned to Miami with Codices, a large-scale paper sculpture with a hidden technological twist.

By tapping your smartphone on the pieces, you receive a new art experience. It's a smart collaboration with MOO bespoke paper company, and a way to advertise their new near-field communication (NFC) business cards: hold it out, tap it once, and impart your information directly into someone's smartphone.

“Paper is inseparable from the story of mankind,” says Mestrovic. "Paper is the vessel with which humanity has recorded its history, passed down its knowledge, fostered its culture, and given shape to who we are today.” However, as information is almost entirely electronic now, paper's meaning has shifted.

aerosyn lex

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