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Aged Soles: A Look at the Greatest Sneakers That Turned 15 This Year

1999 turned out to be a pretty good year. Y2K was thankfully a fluke, HBO premiered The Sopranos, and The Matrix became a sci-fi phenomenon. The year also brought us a handful of dope sneakers, some of which can even be seen on the feet of stylish sneakerheads in 2014. We know a lot of people would travel back in time if they could for the opportunity to cop the super exclusive Wu Tang Dunks or the now-classic Flightposite 1 at retail price. Take a look at 15 timeless silhouettes celebrating a 15-year anniversary in 2014. They may have come out in the last year of the ‘90s, but each sneaker on this list carries a legacy that definitely expanded beyond the new millennium.

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