Akomplice Climbs the Colorado Mountains in Spring 2015 Lookbook

I’m sick of the traditional lookbook. I don’t want to see a bunch of dudes at the skatepark, in mid-air about to butcher a standard kickflip. It’s not because I’m a skateboarding master, or I’ve even successfully landed a kickflip, but it’s just not creative. With a lookbook you want to show how this collection is better than every other brand’s, and why I should drop $29.95 on a tee when I have too many as is. The way to do that is not by putting together a lame lookbook that’s been made over and over again. The best brands go out of their way to do something creative. The best brands create lookbooks that are true to their ethos, while challenging the status quo of what streetwear is supposed to mean. The best brands don’t go to the closest skatepark to shoot a lookbook.

This is one of the reasons Akomplice has been so successful over the years. They’ve shot lookbooks at nontraditional settings, while staying true to their roots the entire time. Akomplice’s “Into Patagonia” lookbook, which was shot in Patagonia, Argentina, is a perfect example of this. Now, Akomplice is back with another original location for their spring 2015 lookbook: the Colorado mountains. To remain authentic, Akomplice enlisted Colorado mountain natives as models to help capture the full spirit of the collection. The spring 2015 collections has a cool sort of minimalist feel, and it pays a special focus on patterns, material curation and unique silhouettes. Overall the look is fire, and the lookbok’s refreshing setting gives the collection and calming feel.

Akomplice’s spring 2015 collection is available now on their webstore.

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