The Spot: How Alive & Well Revived Seattle’s Skate Shop Scene

Seattle-based lifestyle and skateboarding brand Alive & Well is the brainchild of founders George Otto and Marcus Lalario. A few years ago the old friends started brainstorming the idea of the brand.

Once the brand was fully developed they noticed that some of their friends' lifestyle clothing brands weren't being carried in Seattle shops. That's why they decided to open up a flagship store where they would carry their own brand as well as those of their friends like Actual Pain, Flying Coffin, Huf, and Black Scale.

Three years later, the brand and flagship are thriving. “We don’t carry brands for the sake of making money,” co-owner Lalario told us. And while some might say that doesn’t sound like a recipe for success in the business world, in the world of skating it seems to be working out just fine.

“The stuff we carry, we have some connection to it. Good friends of ours have their own lines and we’re very connected to local brands,” he explained.

“We want to work with people who have the same frame of mind as us. Like-minded individuals that are doing the same thing,” he said. That’s why they’ve stocked their shelves with select brands and have ongoing collaborations with Black Scale and Huf.

As Alive & Well rounds on its three year anniversary they’ve got a new collection launching soon, a project in the works with Converse dropping sometime later this year, and word has it they’ve got something up their sleeve with Nike.

To see the latest from Alive & Well check out their online shop, skate video series, and visit the store at 705A E. Pike St. Seattle, WA.

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