Andy Warhol’s Recovered Computer Art From The ’80s

Back in 1985, Commodore released the game-changing "Amiga 1000" and asked legendary artist Andy Warhol to help promote it by creating an image with the software. The clip below of Warhol “painting” Blondie singer Debbie Harry was the only known outcome from that request — that is, until recently. These new digital art pieces by Warhol were discovered by Cory Arcangel, who used "retrocomputing" techniques to recover files from the equipment owned by the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. After three years of extensive and careful data extracting, these — as part of a total of 18 images — were recovered from the hard drive.

The entire process was documented in Trapped: Andy Warhol’s Amiga Experiments, which will premiere on May 10th at Carnegie Mellon.

Source: Beautiful/Decay

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