Another Roadside Dipstraction: Meet the Founders of “Dip”

Childhood friends “Johnny Dip” and “Scottie Dippin” were at a Superbowl party in Athens, Georgia, back in 2010 before Johnny dropped out of U of G. Seeing as they were disinterested in the game and more passionate about a cheese dip, they started riffing a little jingle in a frenetic sort of state.

Now, every song the vaudeville-meets-Cirque du Soleil group makes must follow two guiding principles: every song must be about dip, that is, like guacamole or chipotle mayo (or I think in this case it started with cheesy dip) and it must be to a Boom Diddy beat. Which is essentially something any nine-year-old could make nowadays.

“You know when you have a silly idea,” says Dip vocalist Johnny Dip, “and it’s like really ridiculous, but then you forget about it the next day? Well, that night we were like, ‘We have to do this. We can’t let this go.’”

Over the course of the next three years, starting in 2010 when they dropped their debut THIS IS DIP, Dip extended its reach from Athens to Atlanta. Just this past January, the group polarized the sold-out RiFF RAFF crowd when they opened at Georgia Theatre, as well as with another opener in November, 2013 for Big Freedia.

Johnny Dip credits this transition partly to the addition of third band-mate, “Leonardo DipCaprio,” the so-called “Van Wilder of University of Georgia,” as well as the reach of Johnny’s former, more conventional rock band, Gun Party, for which he played bass guitar.

“Once Leo got on board we were just, like, maxing out,” says Johnny. “Doing stuff like pestering promoters. We’ve played in New York so we’re trying to go further and do another tour. We also want to do more Internet stuff. That’s what Leo’s all about.”

Johnny explains that the way Dip works is that they feel comfortable “selling out in the most mega-corporate way possible.” At its core, Dip is all about vapidness and surfaces. (In fact Johnny makes it quite clear that this project is separate from his more-serious rock ‘n’ roll project, Muuy Biien.)

“What we need is lots of money,” says Johnny. He wants to build the follow-up to the “Dipcryptor,” a massive imaginary machine which invites crowd participation and actually has the power to turn a human being into dip.

“Usually people are so excited they can’t hold the camera right to record it,” he admits.

Although the Dipsters are waxing to make it big commercially, starting with an ad spot for Tlaloc, arguably Athens’ best-kept secret of a hipster Mexican joint, they haven’t abandoned their roots. To follow up last year’s beef with local comedian Nate Mitchell—which escalated to the latter actually ambushing Dip’s set at someone’s WrestleMania house party—Johnny says he plans to duel with Mitchell on March 29th.

“Leo’s gonna fight the Nate’s ugly roommate Wes, that’s my guess,” Johnny adds, anticipating the sequel to last year’s party. “That’s all I’ve been thinking about. We’re going to try and livestream, pay-per-view it.”

That spectacle is set for an as yet undisclosed “rowdy house” in Athens, however the boys will be playing their traditional set on January 16th (with Bit Brigade) at what Johnny dubs their biggest show yet. Animal House wannabes or Dada purists, you dipcide.


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