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Anthems To Live By: The Best Songs About Your Favorite Cities

There’s nothing wrong with having pride in your city. Actually, the sports market is built on it. From a classic Yankee cap to a West Coast Clippers jersey, it’s not hard to spot someone proudly showing off their city to anyone willing to look their way. Aside from sports, though, the biggest way people have shown city pride is through music. Every city has an anthem that makes you want to live there, or if you already do, it makes you proud to call it home. It can be a rap hit, a jazz classic, or an alternative rock song that makes you want to shout your zip code at the top of your lungs.

To show some love to all stomping grounds across the globe, take a look through this list of our favorite city anthems on record. You’ll definitely be familiar with a few of these, and some might be good enough to have you considering an address change. If we left your favorites out, hit us up and let us know what songs rep your city to the fullest.

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