The Apple Pencil Is No “Duets: The Final Chapter”: When A Posthumous Release Is OK

Apple recently rolled out a new lineup of tech goodies at the 2015 Apple Keynote. They unveiled updates to the products we all pine for, but they also pulled the curtain back on their latest addition to the Apple gadget family, the Apple Pencil. The $99 stylus caused a bit of rumbling amongst Apple purists who remembered that, eight years ago, during the release of the first iPhone, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs riffed on the obsolescence of a stylus, because “we were born with ten.”

Apple’s decision to create a stylus reminded of us a few other situations where posthumous decisions were made that overstepped the wishes of the deceasedespecially in music.

So many times, we’ve seen artists meet their demise and shortly afterward have albums that they had no say in released to the public. Folks like Biggie and 2Pac have a number of posthumous releases that, in most cases, received mixed reviews and mildly tarnished their respective legacies.

But we’re also pretty sure that the Apple Pencil won’t be the company’s version of Biggie’s Born Again or Duets: The Final Chapter. Whether Steve Jobs would’ve never wanted something like this to ever bear the Apple name, we could never really know, but we’re confident that this is no regular stylus; it’s as well designed as any Apple product. Bruh, have you seen this thing in action?

We can already see these on everyone’s holiday lists despite the skepticism.



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