Are you rich? Fund this 8-bit graffiti video game, please

The 8-bit gaming aesthetic is hard not to love. Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s a retreat from the all-too- lifelike graphics making up today’s video games. Either way former graffiti writer and current freelance animator, Lepos, feels the same way. He has been making shorts clips that show himself and the legendary graf writers he looks up to (REVOK/GHOST/CES) as the main characters in a video game that pits them against a new primary color.

A world was thrown into chaos after visitors wielding the power of a new primary color landed at their doorstep. Lepos, the lone survivor, fought to escape and headed into the depths of the universe to seek solace. He coasted through countless solar systems until a rocket malfunction led to an emergency landing on an unknown planet…Earth!

According to Animal, he doesn’t plan to make it into a full-scale game…unless a gaming developer hits him up and pays him to do it. So basically if you know of any gaming developers, do us all a favor and hook it up! You can see the other clips he made here, here, and here.

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