Arrow Hero Is the Most Mindless, Addictive Game You’ll Play Today

I’ve spent countless hours in an office doing boring, monotonous work, alleviated by frequent social media checkins and Internet games. Is there really nothing more to life than this?

Arrow Hero, may be the most mindless and addictive Internet game of them all. The game is simple: keyboard arrows circle the game board counter-clockwise, and when the game tells you to press one you do so. The more arrows you press at the right time, the higher your score. Arrow Hero is similar to Guitar Hero in that it’s about being quick with your fingers, but even more so in that you’ll never want to stop playing.

What makes Arrow Hero almost impossible to quit, though, is there’s no winning; it’s not like Super Mario, where you complete all the levels and then you’re satisfied—Arrow Hero just keeps going and going and going. There’s no conceivable end in sight. The game’s creator even says, “You win when you manage to make a score you’re proud of.” What does that even mean, bro? Are you trying to make me less productive than I already am?

Head over to the game’s website to play Arrow Hero. But if you actually have work to do, I suggest you don’t press that link.

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