Art Basel Miami: SCOPE Art Show Miami 2015 Roundup

This year I had my first opportunity to head down to the sunny shores of Miami to check out the festivities around the acclaimed Art Basel art fair. From what I'd heard, it's the shindig of all shindigs. There were parties and celebs galore, whether they were sauntering up and down South Beach or canoodling on Collins Ave. Although I got to shake a few hands, take a few flicks, and gawk at a few celebutantes, I also made sure that I made my way over to the 2015 SCOPE Art Show. I've perused many a gallery before, but SCOPE wasn't like anything I'd experienced ever before.

Galleries from around the globe exhibited the work of artists they represented. Personally, it was a harmonious cacophony of mediums and disciplines on display. From the traditional to the innovative, each gallery did their best to present a diverse range of thought-provoking, engaging, and eye-catching work. It was a tremendous experience to see Sandra Chevrier's fusion of portraiture and a love for comic books up close.  Getting a glimpse of CJ Hendry's larger than life Nike Mag drawings and seeing her at work in a plexiglass box at the fair was also something I'll never forget. In addition to the aforementioned artists, there were a number of others that left their mark on me.

Nick Veasey's x-ray portraits of Muhammad Ali were amazing. Ellen Lebow's "Bull" series reminded me of copper plates used for intaglio printing. Michael Sagato's "Of Mice and Men" was an abstraction of undulating and intertwined railroad tracks—possibly referencing how the main characters of John Steinbeck's novel of the same name made their way from place to place looking for work. Whether it was Josh Keyes painting of a bombed out satellite or Nick Gentry's portraits composed of film negatives, there was something at every turn that left you in awe.

If you've never been, I implore you to book that ticket, lock-in that Air BNB, and enjoy some art down in Miami! Check out the gallery above of some of my favorite pieces from the fair, featuring some of the artists mentioned and more.

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