Art Basel Miami: Art and the Perfect Selfie Accessory with Ty Hunter

Art Basel isn't solely about taking in as much art as possible. Occasionally, while trying to aesthetically ascend, you'll bump into folks that you'd never imagine occupying the same space with. Ty Hunter is one of those people. The stylist to the stars—one of which being Mrs. Carter aka Beyoncé—joined folks like ILoveMakonnen, Alicia Keys, Shaun Ross, artist Ivben Taqiy, Swizz Beats, and more at the Smile Design Gallery's Women in the Water event, at Miami's Croydon Hotel.

Earlier in the night, we'd gotten word about a project of Ty's that could very well rival the selfie stick as a must-have accessory for 2016. "The Ty-Lite case is kind of like a vanity mirror," says Ty. "You have three settings including day, night, and a setting that also lets you dim the light. Sometimes you'll need more light and it also doubles as a protective case. Honestly, you're getting four things for a pretty good price. You can't even get a protective case for that amount that does all of these things."

Art Basel is an event where we get a glimpse of the creativity we can expect for the incoming year. For Ty, things are no different and he's looking to make a major impact in 2016, "I have my own emojis, the phone case, and a clothing line coming out next year. I'm really looking forward to what's on the way!"

Images: Carlos Morgado & Gregston Hurdle

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