About That #ArtBasel Life With Photographer James Hartley (Part 1)

The story of how photographer James Hartley got his start is so rock ‘n’ roll: picking up a camera at age 19 (he is now 28), halfway through his studies he started getting offers to tour with bands.

This quickly snowballed into a career touring with metal and hardcore bands, a topic which complements and informs his preference for crisp, black and white images of artists leaving it all on stage.

In an exclusive for Green Label, we asked Hartley to turn his lens onto what makes this time of year in Miami so unique. In an environment that sometimes feels like you've entered a parallel universe, Hartley says the most mind-blowing thing he’s seen so far is the Andre 3000 i feel ya exhibit (“Powerful—I want to rock one of those jumpsuits!”), and Jose de Diego Middle School, in Wynwood. “Literally every wall of this entire school is covered in art, and it looks so good,” he says. “I just had the feeling that if I was a kid going to that school I would be pretty happy.”

This is the first in a two part series. Check back for more from the streets of MIA in coming days, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram for live updates: @GreenLabel.

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