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Art Installations Made Out Of Things From Your Childhood

For most of us, childhood was one of the most artistic time periods of our lives. We made sandwiches out of mud or could turn a cardboard box into a castle, rocket ship, or anything that came from our creative craniums. Don’t even get us started on the possibilities when presented with a stick and some dirt. For a lot of us, those days are a distant memory now, but a few talented individuals never stopped thinking within the sandbox, and in the process created some really cool art pieces.

We’re not sure what inspired artist Herb Williams to create detailed figures from thousands of crayons, or got Jennifer Rubell to construct a room entirely from pink cotton candy, but we’re sure they had to tap into their inner child to make it happen. Check out those and a couple of other playground projects that made us remember how cool it was to be a kid. We may not miss the timeouts, getting put in a corner, or going to bed before 8:00 p.m., but these art installations bring back some throwback memories of being a carefree youngin’.

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