Artist Jasper Wong likes to draw Chairman Mao and Mr. T wearing dresses and shooting lasers out of their eyes

Jasper Wong is an artist who is known for his works that incorporate 1980s pop culture icons. Wong was born in Hawaii but left at the first chance he had. (It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to leave Hawaii. We know the grass is always greener, but when it comes to Hawaii, is it really?) He returned to the state after a decade away and was recently the subject of an Avant/Garde Diaries video where he discussed coming back to Hawaii and the thriving art scene that he discovered there. Wong also talked about his Little Shop of Wonder, where he created what amounted to a massive coloring book on the walls of a storefront space and then invited visitors to draw on the walls with crayons as a way to rediscover “the simple joy of just coloring.”

To see more of Wong’s work, check out his website.

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