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Artists We'd Like To See Design Album Covers

2014 should prove to be another year packed with big name records coming out at a serious clip. But in the age of multi-media, the impact of album art and how it’s received has changed. Gone are the days where the cover art for a new record immediately had an impact and could cause controversy or excitement. Instead, artwork is just a sliver of the whole, especially with less physical copies of records being purchased.

Still, the big dogs know how important their visual branding is. It’s the reason why Jay Z has aligned himself with the art world, why Kanye puts such an emphasis on his stage show and tour merchandise, and, of course, pretty much anything Lady Gaga does. Even though many of these upcoming albums already have artwork, let’s take a look at the idea of making the cover an integral part of the story and the artists who could make them iconic. 

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