#CourtsideCollection: How Artist Greg Mike Will Take Over an Atlanta Basketball Court

For Atlanta street artist Greg Mike, it was initially the energy of New York City’s booming art culture in the ’80s that inspired him to consider the possibilities of using art and design to transform public space.

Decades later, Mike is joining with Green Label to do just that—customizing a public streetball court in downtown ATL, using unconventional materials to push the boundaries of street art standards. The installation is part of COURTSIDE COLLECTION, a six-city takeover celebrating the art, culture, and creativity of basketball, all year long, across the USA.

Most of Mike’s work takes nods from American mid-century cartoons, which he blends with his signature palette of incandescent color. The result is surrealist-pop-art with nostalgic twists—think cartoon cats with laser eyes and top hats or mouse characters riding unicycles. If you’ve walked the streets of Atlanta, it’s likely you’ve come across Mike’s work. His vivid wall paintings of playful collages and larger-than-life cartoonish murals are hard to miss, making him a notorious name in the ATL arts scene.

greg mike 1

And his COURTSIDE COLLECTION contribution is no different. “The concept behind the installation is my signature bright, bold and energetic characters,” Mike told us. “I wanted to give life to the typically boring design and colors of the current court.  Basketball is a sport powered by the energy of the players and I wanted to paint something that was in line with the emotions and energy displayed during the game.”

As part of the COURTSIDE COLLECTION experience, Green Label is introducing you to the most talented emerging creatives in Atlanta. That’s exactly why Greg Mike was the perfect artist to help us take over a basketball court in ATL—he wholly embodies the youthful, daring spirit embraced by Atlanta arts and culture.

“The most inspiring aspect [of Atlanta art culture] is how fast the scene is growing and the local support of the arts. Over the past 10 years I’ve been in the city I’ve seen tons of murals installed in various locations and change neighborhoods for the better. Seeing artwork change neighborhoods and inspire individuals to explore the city make me want to continue painting walls in the ATL and help grow the scene.”

If you’re in Atlanta this weekend, May 20 and 21, head down to Phoenix II court in The Gulch to check out this stop of COURTSIDE COLLECTION. And check back in to Green Label next week for photos and a time-lapse video of the finished product!

greg mike 3

All stops on the Dew NBA 3X Tour will be accompanied by #CourtsideCollection: here, a prolific local artist has been hand-selected to curate a custom gallery of up to 150 pieces of artwork submitted by artists and fans paying homage to their city. To have your work considered, enter using the hashtags #CourtsideCollection #Promotion. 18+, Ends 10/23/16, Rules: {http://www.mountaindew.com//dew-nba-3x-courtside-collection-promotion}

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