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Photography That Transforms Atlanta into Art: Evan5ps, Digging Through the Greats

Photography was something I was around a lot growing up. It was a big hobby of my dad’s. He always had an SLR film camera and when digital happened, he had the early digital cameras. He was always the guy with a camera in his hands, taking pictures. That always had a big influence on me.

When I was in college at Georgia State, I had been doing blog videos about sneakers and culture, and I also was dabbling in music videos. I was meeting a lot of people through the New Era flagship store in Atlanta, and I met a group of guys who let me shoot some videos for them. I realized I liked the photography side of the visual stuff more. Then Instagram happened. From there, I saw what was happening in New York and LA, where a lot of these young guys were making names for themselves on Instagram. But I didn’t really see it going on in Atlanta, so I wanted to bring it here.

Atlanta is vibrant in its own way. When you go to Miami, for example, there are all these lights, flamboyant people, palm trees... Atlanta has a lot of trees and nature nearby, so my photography and editing style aims to capture those beautiful moments in a city that everyone sees and that doesn’t change a lot.

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