Audi James 2025 Self-Driving Car Is Inspired By Jet Fighters

While Google appears to be in the lead with self-driving vehicles already on California roads, the Volkswagen Group-owned Audi is right on their tail with a new, state-of-the-art steering wheel, the Audi James 2025.

Touted as “the virtual cockpit of the future,” the Audi James 2025 looks straight out of a Star Wars movie. The prototype features an auto-pilot mode, also known as “jet-fighter mode,” which once activated, changes the steering wheel to look much like the steering wheel of a jet. The display on the dashboard shows the car’s planned driving maneuvers, while a secondary screen provides access to infotainment functions such as e-mails and text messages, which you can open with hand gestures.

As of now, the Audi James 2025 can only pilot itself in specific situations, like daytime on well-marked freeways, and the driver has to be in the driver’s seat at all times in case of emergency.

Although the Audi James 2025 is rather limited compared to Google’s autonomous vehicle, Volkswagen CEO, Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, is optimistic about the prototype. “The challenges we face here are the modernization of infrastructure [and] the clarification of legal aspects,” he said at the opening ceremony of CeBIT. “The automobile industry, the IT industry, business, scientists and politicians therefore need to join forces. The mobility of the future will be worthwhile for everyone concerned—especially for consumers, who will benefit from cars that are even safer, more comfortable and more intelligent.”

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