Ever Wonder What Listeners Think of Your Music? Audiokite Gives You Answers

With social media interaction and commenting abilities, it’s become far easier for artists in the digital age to understand listeners’ receptions to their music. Still, when an artist attempts to identify where his music is being played, who’s playing it, and how it’s being received across audiences, much is left up for assumption.

To solve these issues, an artist-listener communication platform, Audiokite, is aiding musicians in collecting market research and providing quantified accounts of listener perspectives to guide their branding strategies. It gives participants samples of your music, then surveys listeners by asking them objective questions to rank the music on various criteria (instrumentals, lyrics, vocals, etc.). Once the surveys are conducted and feedback is received, Audiokite will feed you an overview of your music’s appeal.

The data is organized into charts and graphs to provide actionable insights, and because many of the free comment questions prompt thoughtful responses, you’ll receive valuable feedback you can build from. The data will point to a song’s commercial potential and relevance to placements in TV and film, display emotional reactions listeners had to specific moments, and provide geographic information to pinpoint your target market.

Submitted songs don’t have to be finished; demos, verses, and even bare-boned ideas are eligible for review. And if your entry makes the cut, Audiokite will link you with a number of big-name parters to offer career-expanding opportunities and outlets for promotion and distribution.

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