Augmented Reality Goggles Bring a New Perspective to Your Ride

Snowboarding just got another major technological upgrade. We first told you about Cerevo’s XON Snow-1 bindings that enable wearers to improve their performance on the spot. Now we bring you the next must-have in boarding: RideOn, the world’s first augmented reality goggles.

RideOn has a see-­through display that projects AR layers and features on the snow as if they’re floating 15 feet in front of you, turning the slopes into a virtual slalom track. The display is positioned right in front of the user’s eye and projects virtual layers and data, creating an AR experience where graphics appear as if integrated onto the real world.

“The goggles use a combination of orientation sensors, a camera, and network connectivity to bring smart, real-time features to your eye using a see-through display,” RideOn explains on their Indiegogo campaign.

“RideOn goggles allow you to interact with the floating UI using only your sight. No external devices, phone apps, or voice activation,” they continue. “To use, simply look at icons fixed to the sky, your friends, or points of interest. This way, your hands stay gloved and warm, and your cellphones and maps stay securely in your pockets (actually you won’t ever need a map).”

If you weren’t already impressed it should be noted that RideOn allows users to connect with friends on the slopes, see their locations, call or message them, and even throw a virtual snowball at them.

Users can also take videos using RideOn's high-def cam and post to social media, see their location on the resort map, and find lodges and ski lifts highlighted in the distance.

The goggles will even tell you how long the wait time is at the lift just by looking at it.

RideOn hasn’t been fully funded on Indiegogo so if you want to make them a reality head over there and donate now. $499 gets you a pair of the goggles, which is a really good deal considering they’re expected to retail for $899. Their estimated delivery is September.

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