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This Augmented Reality Tattoo is Setting a New Standard for Body Art

Australian comic book artist Sutu just unveiled a next-level tattoo that’s about to set a new standard for body art.

Last year, he created Modern Polaxis, an epic augmented reality comic book. It tells the tale of a delusional time traveler who documents his experiences in a private journal. It’s printed like a traditional comic book, but readers can use an iPhone or iPad to unlock his hidden messages and peel back secret layers within the story.

Now, the artist is at it again—this time taking his interactive art to his own skin. He recently presented a new tattoo that comes to life using augmented reality technology.

Viewed normally, the tat shows a character from Modern Polaxis in black and white, holding some sort of mysterious orb. Viewed through a free app, it becomes animated, adding colors, animation, and sound effects.

The tattoo utilizes Boomcore technology, which, co-created by Sutu, utilizes Adobe Flash’s animation capabilities and brings it to digital platforms (like iOS). It was initially used to coincide with the comic book.

The artist opted the result on his Instagram, where apparently, he was surprised that the image on his skin was successfully animated in the app.

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