Avenue Trucks Bring Spring-Loaded Suspension to Skating

Over the past five decades boards have changed, wheels have become more durable, and skaters have continued to defy the laws of physics. There have even been advancements in the filming and documentation of skateboarding—but little to no change when it comes to the hardware.

That’s where Avenue Trucks comes in. The fledgling company has taken to Kickstarter with a new version of the skateboard truck which implements a spring-loaded suspension system.

They present an interesting argument for their new and potentially game-changing truck. Adding a suspension factor eliminates speed wobbles, absorbs impact when landing bangers, and allows for a smoother all-around ride. All of these elements can result in better performance, the longevity of both your board and your body, and will help you become a better skater.

The interesting thing about skateboarding is that while it is about progression, there isn’t leeway for too much change. That’s why we hit up Wesley Ivazes, co-creator of Avenue Trucks, to find out how their new product could benefit the industry.

What do you think the response will be from the skate industry to what you guys are bringing to the table?
We've had quite the response so far from the skate community. Many people have shown a lot of excitement to see something so unique potentially under their boards. Others have shown heavy concern on our design, feeling it won't live up to its claims.

How extensive was the testing of the product?
We've put nearly four years of hard testing into our trucks, pushing them to the limit in an attempt to achieve a better result over standard trucks. If they failed in any way it was back to the drawing board to resolve our issues. Because of this we've had just over 600 different truck designs over the last few years. We've had many riders of all styles and abilities aide us in fine-tuning our trucks to become a truly high-performance design.

Have any companies reached out to implement your tech in their existing product range?
We have had a few companies reach out to us mainly with questions, and some offering support to test them, mostly. I think they are curious to see if we can truly deliver on all our claims thus far.

What would you say to detractors who might say that the Avenue Truck is unnecessary and not needed in skateboarding?
I tell them it's just one of those things you have to try. Standard skate trucks have worked fine over the last few decades, however as skaters continue to evolve, pushing the envelope of huge gaps and massive tricks, the engineering needed to support their level of skating should evolve, too.

I've been able to convince a serious doubter or two at the skatepark to try a board with Avenue Trucks. After a few tricks they usually come back silent and nod their head in disbelief and approval, or ask if they can buy my board right on the spot. We've had a very good turnover rate with doubtful riders if they hop on our trucks. I think they see we really are trying to bring a higher level of performance to the skate industry. I'm pretty confident in saying it's because our trucks were truly fine-tuned by the skaters that rode them in the early design stages. We've built these to meet every spec and demand they wanted.

If utilized in contests do you think the industry will see your product as an unfair advantage?
I'd be really surprised if we're looked at as an unfair advantage. Our trucks shouldn't be the reason for winning contests; our trucks are designed to allow riders to push themselves harder. They are there to support riders attempting the tricks that would probably put people like me in the hospital if badly landed or wrecked hard. If you break it down, our trucks are made up of the same amount of pieces a standard truck is: hanger, a kingpin, and a baseplate. I'd be surprised if we were seen as an unfair advantage simply because riders are pushing their own limits on our trucks.

Skateboarding is all about progression, are there any other products coming down the pipeline with the potential to be as much of a game changer as the Avenue Truck?
We've got a couple bizarre ideas in the works, yes... We're all gear-heads over here, so once in a while there are one or two crazy ideas that come up and we're like "Is this even physically possible?! No..? Well then, let's make it possible!"

Images: Avenue Trucks

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