Did Avenue Trucks Create The Best Skate Trucks Yet?

A few years ago, Avenue Trucks founder Wesley Ivazes developed the world’s first spring-loaded-suspension skateboard truck. His reasoning was that everything else out there with wheels has suspension, so why not skateboards?

Avenue Trucks are designed to help skateboarders pop higher tricks while reducing wear and tear on the rider’s body.

However, when Green Label covered Avenue’s Kickstarter campaign earlier in the year, we found that there was a good deal of debate in response, even though Ivazes told us himself he often managed to convert even the most skeptical skaters with just one demo of his prototype.

So, to see this for ourselves, we flew Wesley out to Dew Tour Chicago to trial the trucks with local skaters Kweku Collins, Kurt Arthur, and Kahrion.

After having the chance to demo the trucks at Grant Skate Park, we got their opinions first-hand on what Avenue brings to the table versus conventional skateboard trucks. Watch the video above to find out.

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