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Back to School: 15 Childhood School Supplies We're Nostalgic For

Now that the summer is over, you may be feeling an itch to buy some new clothes and change things up a bit. Although you may not actually be going to school in the fall, back-to-school fever has never left your body and is still lingering somewhere inside of you. While none of us were particularly excited when the summer ended and we had to go back to our Monday through Friday school week grind, there was one thing to look forward to and that was getting brand new school supplies. Back in the day, going to the store with your parents to pick up notebooks, writing utensils, and other things needed for your studies was invigorating — you got to choose how you were going to express yourself via school supplies. Take a nostalgic look back with us as we reminisce about all those great materials that got us through the school year back when we were kids.

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