‘Battle At The Berrics 7’ Trophy Designed by Haroshi

The official “Pros vs. Joes” Battle At The Berrics tournament has been going down for the past three months, and now it’s time for the grand Finals Night event. Eric Koston, Sewa Kroetkov, and Luan Oliveira represent for the pros, while 23-year-old Cody Cepeda holds it down as the sole “Joe” contestant. The winner will receive $20,000 and this one-of-a-kind trophy seen above — designed and crafted by renowned Japanese artist, Haroshi. The trophy is constructed from used skateboards, with an assorted mix of styles and colors.

BATB 7 goes down in Los Angeles this Friday (June 13) at 7pm PST, with a live stream broadcasting on theberrics.com.

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