Been Trill Celebrates `90s Sports Americana With New Collection

Been Trill, a brand that gained fame for appropriating and championing internet culture, is back with a new capsule collection with PacSun. This time around the new range is heavily inspired by the `90s, specifically the impact that sports, fashion, and music had on the decade.

The pieces in the collection fuse modern day silhouettes—like scoop hem t-shirts—with some back-in-the-day nostalgia, including patches over screen prints. The overall color palate of the capsule is also a departure from Been Trill's usual monochromatic offerings.

If you grew up or paid close attention to American sports in the `90s you'll also notice some nods to the decade and the teams, athletes, and style that made it so tremendous, like the "Been Trill ## Mesh Tank Top" that pays homage to the international basketball powerhouse that was the USA's Dream Team. You'll also find soccer jerseys that hark back to a time when the USA Women's national team and the MLS reigned supreme.

The new drop also features graphics that take cues from track and field, flags commonly seeing in yachting, the clothing brands POLO and RUGBY, and even jerseys you'd see sprinkled throughout the Tour de France!

Most of the items in the collection are online exclusives and you'll only be able to get your hands on them by hitting up PacSun, so make sure you act fast.

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