Seven Songs To Help You Deal With Being Broke

Imagine feeling a sharp pain in your gut, not from any physical disorder, but from the realization that you may be out of money to function and lead a normal life. To keep spirits up while you deal with your newfound lack of finances, pay attention to these songs that will help you deal with being broke.

A Tribe Called Quest, “8 Million Stories”

If you are ever in a financial bind and feel like things can’t get any worse, just listen to Phife Dawg run down the line of issues that affected his pockets. From getting robbed, to missing out on buying his little brother the latest new toy, your boy Phife was going through it.

KRS-One “Love’s Gonna Get’cha (Material Love)”

KRS details his rise over five minutes, from sharing one pair of pants with his brother for the week, to driving luxury cars. The Bronx MC explains that while there is a way to the top for anyone, there are always consequences. Hopefully this jawn will keep you from making any foolish decisions while in your unpleasant financial situation.

Notorious B.I.G., “Sky’s The Limit”

Biggie’s first verse summarizes his family’s lack of finances, and how that led to his desire to want material things, even going as far as sewing logos on his shirt to fit in with the other kids at school. He managed to do that effectively in the first eight bars. From there, Biggie manages to paint a picture of his rise to the top. If a kid from Brooklyn can strong-arm all the financial roadblocks that came his way, it’s possible for anyone. Why do you think he chose the song title?

Meek Mill, “Monster”

Before he caught a major L from Drake in a weird battle, Meek Mill took over clubs and parties with a song about his rags-to-riches story, including eating Top Ramen every day to fine pasta and lobster.

Jay Z, “Intro (Hand It Down)”

Technically the intro track to Jay Z‘s third album isn’t his song, but it’s still on-point in terms of the angst and desire to get money, communicated by his former understudy Memphis Bleek. Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, New York, are not a light-hearted place to be, and Bleek describes how he went from being a small-time nobody in his neighborhood to rolling with Jay Z. That’s proof that everybody can make something out of nothing.

Aloe Blacc, “I Need A Dollar”

You gotta feel sorry for Aloe Blacc on this one: he spends the whole song begging his former boss for his job back. The singer went through all the motions of a person who’ve put their all into a project with no backup plan, only to have it snatched away. Everyone can relate to that, especially all the folks who worked hard and lost their job in spite of their best efforts. Your boy Aloe Blacc was trying to inspire people to get up and get motivated through his own bad experiences captured on record.

Kanye West, “Spaceship”

Kanye West voiced the frustrations of all people who’ve had to work a crappy retail job. The main thing that should be pointed out is how many hurdles he jumped over just to get a weak paycheck from his job. I’d be mega-infuriated too. From all of that, Kanye expressed how he could just get away from all the madness, which is sometimes a good idea when trying to get over being broke, even if you just go on a walk somewhere.

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