This App Forces You to Be Yourself on Social Media: Meet Beme

We all know no one’s really the way they present themselves on social media. Now, YouTube star Casey Neistat’s Beme (pronounced Beam), suggests an alternative way to share.

The only way to record or take pictures on Beme is to cover the screen, so instead of spending time to get the perfect selfie or cast just the right filter over the sunset, you can document the moment as it happens, without a second thought.

It encourages people to capture, not interrupt, the moment, creating a digital version of themselves that more closely resembles who they are in the real world.

It also posts the recording or photo to your network immediately, so your friends and family can get a raw, unfiltered peek into where you are and what you’re doing.

Neistat is already famous thanks to thoughtful, 14-million-plus-view videos like “Make It Count,” and early reviews say the app is “fascinating.”

Beme seems like a great step toward ending the social media identity crisis (or would be a smart download if you simply don’t have a need for all the fancy filters and angles. An updated version will be available next week on the Apple store.

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