Mobile Game Review: Play an Intergalactic Courier in “Crashlands”

Our bi-weekly review of the best mobile games.

You are Flux Dabes, a well intentioned galactic delivery truck driver whose latest shipment has been interrupted by a megalomaniacal alien. This causes you to crash-land on Woanope, an Earth-sized planet filled to the core with radioactive purple juice (really), and now you must fight, craft, and quest until you can get those damn packages delivered!

You are aided in your courier quest by JuiceBox, a sidekick-slash-supervisor, who can help as you tame and milk alien beasts (!), craft resources into menacing weaponry, and even go toe-to-chin with a maniac. All in the name of On Time Delivery!

This game is part beat-’em-up, part builder, part exploration sim. It has robust role-playing elements, likeable companions, and a surprisingly deep decoration mode. Exploring and fighting in this world is simple, aided by inventory hot keys. Meanwhile, Flux’s armor and weapons are fully customizable, and all these weapons and items have stats, just like your favorite RPGs.

The only thing is there’s a steep learning curve.

Developers Butterscotch Shenanigans don’t really take anything too seriously, even though this is a seriously good mobile game. Four out of five Green Thumbs.


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