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The Best Music Producers Under 25-Years-Old

One of the biggest changes in the music industry has been the rise and accessibility of home recording equipment. No longer held back by expensive studios or lavish recording gear, the production game has been completely changed, and has become a lot younger in the process. It used to be that becoming a record producer was not only about having an ear for hooks and talent, but also being able to afford a studio to actually record the hit.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen that model change as producers are starting before their teens, crafting beats and songs with every bit of technology available, and then broadcasting them out via the Internet. Gone are the days when the biggest songs on the radio were crafted by mysterious and eccentric old men. Now, an aspiring producer can have a decade of experience making music before they’re even close to 25, and as this list shows, they can also make some bona fide hits.

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