Best of CES: Sonawall

One of our favorite companies making an appearance at CES this year is Sonawall, an audio-technology outfit that’s offering the ultimate upgrade to your home theater system.

Their line includes single speakers with the capability to connect to multiple home entertainment electronics (TV, iPhone, CD player), equipped with a remote control to switch among devices.

But the ultimate selling point is what they call their “sound reflection technology.” This operates off the premise that every living room has a “sweet spot” when watching a movie or listening to music. For example, their surround system add-on, “sPodak,” allows you to position the focal point of sound. Or their satellite speaker systems, like the SonaPrism and SonaWedge, feature radiated sound power to create a “wall” of sound in your living room.

You can learn more about their audiophile-grade products on their website.

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