Best of CES: The MOTA SmartRing Makes Your Phone Look Humungous

If you've ever wondered what it's like to attend CES, co-founder of wearable tech brand MOTA, Kevin Faro, summed it up nicely: "CES is the best venue on the planet for the latest in consumer electronics. If you're a movie buff, think Sundance, Cannes, TIFF, and SXSW rolled into one. Almost every technology that matters, and most of the industry's key people are here."

That's why it's the perfect spot for the brand as they showcase their first-ever smart ring. "There's an excitement here about wearables that's almost palpable," he told us.

Though the SmartRing doesn't officially launch until June, Faro says the ring has taken center stage at their booth. "We've been crowded with people wanting to see it up close and try it out."

The highly anticipated product acts as a notification hub on your finger, with a miniaturized scrolling display that subtly presents notifications, enabling the device to be used almost anywhere. All it takes is a small swipe to read your messages.

"The idea behind the ring is that it gives users the ability to filter their notifications and be discreet," Faro said.

He believes that smartphones and their users are becoming overwhelmed by notifications and alerts. "The fact is, you don't really care about all of these notifications. The SmartRing allows you to modify exactly the notifications you get," he said.

Another benefit of the SmartRing is that it's so inconspicuous and stylish no one would ever suspect it's tapped into your iOS, making it easy for you to check your chosen notifications without anyone being the wiser.

When the SmartRing goes live in June it will retail for $150, but early adopters can preorder now and snag it for $99.99.

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